Roll-To-Roll And Nano-imprint Facility

Australia's Most Advanced, High-Performance Roll-To-Roll And Nanoimprint Facility

The Materials & Manufacturing Futures Institute ('MMFI') at UNSW is home to Australia's most advanced high-performance roll-to-roll printer and nano-imprint facility. This state-of-the-art machine was tailor-made to fill the gap between fundamental research and high throughput manufacturing. It is a production line capable of fabricating devices with specific structures at various scales, therefore creating new and improved materials with various properties for diverse applications. This includes materials with stretchable and flexible biosensors, batteries, supercapacitors, photovoltaic surfaces, thin-film electronic devices, circuits, displays, sensors, and so on.

This printer is multi-modular, equipped with the most advanced printing technologies, including inkjet printing, slot-die coating, micro-roller, screen-roller, engrave-roller, hot-embossing-roller, nanoimprint, to name a few. The R2R printer can use multiple and mixed techniques at the same time in one pilot line and is the first and only industrial-scale printer in Australia capable of printing at nano-level accuracy for both academic research and industrial application. Its unique automatic registration system also enables high precision overlapping multi-layer print to accomplish a 2D to 3D printing conversion.