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Scientists from UNSW Materials And Manufacturing Futures Institute And The Australian Nuclear Science And Technology Organisation Find A Novel Approach To Titanium Oxides For Energy Conversion And Water Treatment.

1. List of Successful MMFI Seed Grants 2020 Project Details 2. MMFI website is now live. 3. The Third Python Virtual Townhall Workshop will be held in mid-Aug 2020 4. New collaboration established for rapid innovation of an advanced personal protection equipment (PPE).

1. Call for Proposals - MMFI will fund a total of 7 research projects under two different schemes. 2. The Second Python Virtual Townhall Workshop will be held in mid-July 2020 3.MMFI has produced 400 bottles of high-quality hand sanitiser to support the university 4. MMFI will look to establish the “MMFI Factory Lab” with the aim of being a self -funded sustainable research institute by 2025.

1. “3-in-1” Airtight Full-Face Shield for Medical Personnel 2. Welcome to our new investigators and staffs 3. MMFI will organise a series of on-line machine learning workshops for postgraduate students and researcher in UNSW to enhance their research outputs.

1. MMFI delegation had been to Jakarta for a successful visit with the Indonesian Coast Guard (“ICG”) at their Headquarters. 2. Research Funding of $1 Million secured for collaboration with Aiko Solar 3. MMFI scholarship program opened 4.Two visiting professors presented their recent works to the Futures Institute.

1. We have secured our first research project with a value of $2.1 m from the Chint Group 2.Correspondence was received from the Indonesia Coast Guide (ICG) and a delegation is being organised to meet with the Admiral of the Indonesian Navy and the Chief Officer 3. New staffs recruitment 4.MMFI Logos have been designed.